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Nature Explore Program Certified Classroom

Tulsa Nature Explore is a Certified Classroom part of the Nature Explore Program, a national organization which promotes engagement with the natural world for children and their families.

Certified Backyard Wildlife Habitat

  • This location is certified Backyard Wildlife Habitat
  • Anyone can create a welcoming haven for local wildlife
  • Certify to show your commitment to Wildlife and make a difference for neighborhood wildlife!
  • Click here to learn how to certify your yard, balcony container garden, schoolyard, work, landscape, or roadside green space into a Certified Wildlife Habitat®.

Certified Monarch Waystation

This location is certified Monarch Waystation.

  • Monarchs need our help!
  • This property is part of the Monarch Waystation Program.
  • Get involved in monarch conservation by creating a Monarch Waystation.
  • Click here to learn more about the Monarch Waystation Program.

Oklahoma Wildscapes Certification Program

  • Coordinated by the Department’s Wildlife Diversity Program, The Oklahoma Wildscapes Certification Program recognizes individuals and businesses that have landscaped their property with the needs of wildlife in mind.
  • Certified Wildscapes will be included in the statewide network of natural areas set aside for wildlife.
  • The Wildlife Diversity Program provides information on appropriate plant and for species for wildlife as well as other aspects of creating backyard wildlife habitat.
  • Oklahoma Wildscapes is primarily geared toward providing technical assistance to urban residents or those with smaller acreages.

Completion of the “Up With Trees” Citizen Forester Program

  • Up With Trees mission is to beautify greater Tulsa by planting trees and to create urban forestry awareness through education. Through generous support of volunteers and donors, this organization plant trees along streets and trails, in parks, schools, fire stations, neighborhoods, and many other public properties.
  • For more information or wish to donate or volunteer, please visit www.upwithtrees.org.

National Wildlife Federation

Bird Friendly Habitat

This property provides the habitat elements needed for birds to thrive and has been designated by the National Wildlife Federation as an Advanced Certified Wildlife Habitat.

For more information please visit: nwf.org.

    Tulsa County Master Gardeners

    • Tulsa Nature Explorer owner and teacher, Laurie Ross, is a Foundation Member and Volunteer with the Tulsa County Master Gardeners since 2010.
    • The Master Gardener Foundation of Tulsa, formed in 1992, is a 501(c) non-profit Corporation and financially supports the volunteer committees within the Master Gardener organization and the Tulsa County Cooperative Extension service.
    • The Tulsa Master Gardener Program is sponsored, trained and supervised by the OSU Cooperative Extension Service which has offices in all 77 Oklahoma Counties.
    • The principal purpose of  the Master Gardener programs in Tulsa County is to promote and educate the public on the benefits of sound and beneficial horticultural practices.
    • Funding for these volunteer activities comes from MG membership in the foundation, private donations and fund raising projects or campaigns on behalf of the Master Gardeners. Current funding raising projects include and annual plant sale and an annual garden tour.
    For More Information, visit: TulsaMasterGardeners.org

    Owner and Teacher

    Laurie L. Ross ~ Oklahoma Educator Certificate

    Laurie L. Ross holds a Oklahoma Educator Certificate and is a certified educator from the Oklahoma State Board for Educator Certification.

    She is authorized to perform duties as designated below:

      Certificate Grades Status
      EARLY CHILDHOOD Pre-K to Grade 3 Active
      ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Grades 1 to 8 Active
      LANGUAGE ARTS Grades 6 to 8 (Middle School) Active
      SOCIAL STUDIES Grades 6 to 8 (Middle School) Active

      Laurie and family pet, Annie.

      Annie is a kind and gentle Great Pyrenees who is a great friend and defender of the backyard chickens against those rascally chicken hawks


      Tulsa Nature Explore Address: 5219 E 105th St | Tulsa, OK 74137

      Contact us by Email: info@tulsanatureexplore.org

      Tulsa Nature Explore is a 501(c)(3) charity organization, connecting children (and adults) to nature!

      Tulsa Nature Explore

      is a Certified Classroom and part of the Nature Explore Program, a national organization which promotes engagement with the natural world for children and their families.

      Contact Us

      Tulsa Nature Explore Address:
      5219 E 105th St | Tulsa, OK 74137
      Contact us by Email: info@tulsanatureexplore.org