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Where the love of learning connects with the love of nature.

Laurie Ross, owner & teacher with Annie, a Great Pyrenees and defender of chickens from those rascally hawks and coyotes.

About Us

Welcome to Tulsa Nature Explore where the love of learning connects with the love of nature.

As a teacher I’ve seen kids (and adults) become more and more consumed with screen time. A tremendous amount of research has proven that getting outdoors and connecting with nature improves physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Whether it’s phones, tablets, television, gaming, or social media, our society is slowly being drawn away from the outdoors. I want to create a place where the appreciation of nature and living things is brought back in focus. At Tulsa Nature Explore, my goal is to bring appreciation, education, curiosity and awareness to the wonders of nature. 

My background includes a degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education. In addition to being a Master Gardener for Tulsa County, I am an “Up With Trees” Citizen Forester, and a member of the Northeast Oklahoma Bee Association. Nature Explore is an established National Wildlife Habitat providing the 4 basic elements needed for wildlife: food, water, cover, and a place to raise young. Additional certifications include Oklahomoa Wildscapes and Monarch Waystation.

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Tulsa Nature Explore is a 501c3 non-profit charity organization, connecting children (and adults) to nature!

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Our Address: 5219 E 105th St Tulsa, OK 74137


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